Awake In My flying Dream
Jake bell — Awake In My flying Dream
Release date : Jun. 01, 2014
  1. Spacebirdz
  2. Apache808 (part 1)
  3. Jake bell - Apache808 (part 2)
  4. Cloudships
  5. Dronin' In The Park
  6. Broken Arrow


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I set out in 1998 to teach myself how to record Ambient Electronic space music – after the release of SYNJASE on Whirlybird Records formerly the recording label of Simeon / Silver Apples. I wanted to learn how to design sounds , compose and record electronic music. “Awake In My Flying Dream” and the 2nd CD in Progress – “Zero Point 21/12”, are a culmination of that vision. I would like to thank all my friends from America, Ukraine and elsewhere whose influence and inspiration where very much the cause and inspiration behind making this project now a reality. These tracks in particular are unique in that they are musical, mystical impressions and improvisations capturing the sounds of a very specific time – before, during and after, the energy portals opening for what is termed Ascension ( music for Inner alignment and going on Inner journeys ) the Great Awakening of New Earth. the 12/21/12 Mayan Calendar – Zero Point Timeline SHIFT –

Some who know me from The Random Concept Days, the days of Psychedelic rock guitar – “Perihelion” for me is a track that bridges several decades of style and technology – merging the spontaneous improvisation of live psychedelic music with the possibilities and infinite range of sound design made possible by the more modern technology. I hope you will like what you hear and I appreciate if you purchase tracks as this supports making this possible for me to continue do this. Having music online is also something I have worked toward since 1990’s also. Welcome to the awakening !! Stay tuned for more is yet to come!
released June 1, 2014

Thanks to all my fiends from America, Ukraine and elsewhere – whose appreciation of my talents inspired me to believe I could create something that would be a gift in return for your being who you are and the best of the unforgettable memories of all we’ve co-created and shared together so far. I hope to see you here and for more ideas for the future music and co-creations yet to unfold.